Pathfinder Camp Resorts is expanding its network and is looking to acquire RV parks throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. We provide RV park owners the chance to sell 50-100% of their business in exchange for equity shares in Pathfinder Camp Resorts. This enables them to join us in our growth and become part of our expanding journey.

Partnership Options Available

Sell & Retire

Ease into retirement by selling your RV park to us.

Keep Your Role

Stay in your current position even after the sale.

Flexible Transition

Shift to a flexible work arrangement after the sale.

Partnership Process

Partnership Benefits

✅ Defer Taxes

✅ Achieve Optimal Liquidity

✅ Secure Higher Valuation

✅ Partnership Buy-Out Options

✅ Long-Term Growth Through Stock Ownership

✅ Flexible Deal Structures to Meet Your Goals


At Pathfinder Ventures Inc., we are revolutionizing outdoor hospitality by developing family-friendly RV Resorts. Our goal is to cater to the increasing demand for recreational vehicle travel and outdoor adventures.

Our Team

Joe Bleackley

CEO / Founder / Director

Stan Duckworth

Chief Operating Officer

We’re eager to collaborate with you to expand our network of resorts!

Pathfinder network of resorts


Location: Agassiz, South B.C.
Acquired: 2020
Size: 4.82 acres
Sites: 33 + 8 cabin

Fort Camping

Location: Fort Langley, South B.C.
Acquired: 2020
Size: 18.6 acres
Sites: 158


Location: Parksville, Vancouver Island
Acquired: 2020
Size: 12.1 acres
Sites: 128

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